Amaterasu, rAge2015
Amaterasu [Okami] at rAge (actually in my backyrad after rAge lol) _ Yuane Erwee

Cosplayer Spotlight #2 – Maou Ookami

Introducing Maou Ookami (Real name: Natasha, yes, I finally know her real name, something that has made me curious for MONTHS!) the owner of Maoukami-sama and Co-owner with Chiaki Riku of PanDemiC Cosplay is a resident cosplayer of Gauteng.


She is honestly one of the kawaii-est cosplayers ever and describes herself as a demiboy, pansexual teenager with a mad amount of love for Anime and Photography.

She chooses to go by the name of Maou Ookami because:

  1. The alias provides her with privacy
  2. Gives her a way to define her own identity


6Maou first got into cosplay during rAge 2014, where she chose to genderbend Eren Jaeger from Shingeki no Kyojin using vaguely altered clothing she had bought (Cosplay really does bring out the creativity and resourceful-ness in people!) and from that day on she decided to keep cosplaying cause not only did it make her happy, but it made others around her happy too! But like others, she used to dress up as a kid too, without realising that it was cosplay.


Eren is definitely the character Maou is most known for and this year she decided to remake him for rAge 2015 and placed second at the AWX cosplay competition 2015, she also added Amaterasu from Okami to her 2015 rAge and pulled it off perfectly.


Future cosplays you can look forward to include: Inori from Guilty Crown, Fenris from Dragon Age, Soul Eater Evans from Soul Eater and perfecting Amaterasu!


You can follow Maou Ookami’s epic cosplay adventures on:


Pandemic Cosplay:

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